Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blogging- The New Cool Online

If you have not started blogging yet, then you are missing the latest trend online. And if you are one of the few who think it's just a passing fad, then you are mistaken and very much at the brink of being left behind. Well, luckily for you, blogging has come to stay and sooner than later you too will join the blogging society. Why would somebody like 'YOU' consider blogging? Well, I don't know who it is that you are and what it is that you do, but if you want anything that resembles online presence, then blogging is the pathway for you,too. Think of the world renowned professionals, artists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, academicians, designers, writers, researchers, musicians, teachers, preachers, authors, analysts, businessmen, specialists, socialists, students, even politicians are daily joining the blogging clique. With blogging, whether you are a pro or a newbie, you can have your views, comments, suggestions, opinions aired and followed by your fans, followers, subscribers. What more! Blogs are so easy to create, run, and maintain. And you can have as many as you so desire. And in no small thanks to blogspot, squidoo, linkedln, you can even blog for free. That is not to talk of the income generating power that they can give you! Blogs are a sure bet to surprise even the most skeptical among us. Even You!

Monday, February 7, 2011


The following 'must know' secrets are rules to be strictly observed for every new or existing website you design if you are like me who constantly aspire towards the ideal: 1. Have A Clear Purpose. Define clearly the website's purpose and direction. 2. Be Lightweight In Construction. Go easy on heavy graphics. Reduce or completely eliminate the use of large graphics. 3. Ensure Your Site Load Fast. Do not make visitors to your site wait long before they start interacting with your site. 4. Do Not Use False Code. Use only html or asp to create your web pages. 5. Seek To Respect The Search Engines. You may desire search engine traffic, in that case, use whole web pages that do not involve large amounts of code unrelated to your content. 6. Show You Love Your Visitor. Incorporate user-friendly technology. 7. Do Not Be Irritating. Your aim is not to cause your visitors to leave in frustration, so use only stationary text and graphical layout elements. 8. Do Not Design To Scroll Sideways. Even so call pros fall victim of this severally. 9. Be Consistent. Don't look to be consistent, just be! 10. Cultivate Subscribers. I can think of nothing else that floods your website with targeted traffic like sending an email message to your local subscriber base. So whether you are a newbie, a professioner web designer, a home-based business owner, or a CEO of a billion-dollar e-business empire, these secrets will guide you to a longlasting state of happiness and prosperity.Visit: